7. Marmaris

Marmaris was the “big smoke” compared to any of the other sleepy places we’ve visited so far. It was pumping and full of action and energy right up until 3:30 in the morning when the disco music finally stopped. Here we stayed in a marina that had a pool (which the kids appreciated) and there was also the chance to do a long bike ride to see the endless restaurants and stop for the obligatory ice-cream. As we were approaching we spotted this ship sailing not far away and I said that it looked like something straight out of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It was funny then to see this apparent floating/sailing restaurant alongside later that night complete with Jack Sparrow as the matre d’! You will see the photos below. Until this point, Chris had been easing us into the whole sailing thing by having short sails which didn’t actually involve any sailing at all. It was motoring all the way….until we left Marmaris where he made up for it with a couple of hours of sideways sailing in 45-50 knot winds. I will say no more!













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