17. Last pics for 2015 Adventure

Three quarters of the Curtis Clan are back home (Chris is staying on to do a few charters with three groups of friends). A delayed flight from Athens to Istanbul (and inability to transfer bags all the way through to Melbourne) resulted in a bit of a drama that left us with only five minutes to check our bags in and ten to board. It was unfortunate (for me) that the kids received a dodgy digital watch each in the Children’s Activity Pack on Turkish Airlines. This resulted in Sam giving me practically a minute-by-minute countdown on how much time we had before our flight departed. I can therefore tell you that we received our luggage in Istanbul at 12:38 (for our 1:30 flight) and still had to go through customs and get luggage at the domestic end then make our way out and into international departures to check our bags in. Anyway, we made it.

Easing the pain was a fabulous movie on the plane – Bollywood’s highest grossing movie – called “PK”. I highly recommend it. It may seem a little strange at first (given that it begins with the arrival of a naked alien somewhere in India) but you must persevere!

We are a bit jet-lagged. I was up at 3 a.m. changing batteries in beeping smoke detectors and the kids were still comatose at 10 a.m. But we have Kyla back now (much joy all round) and are ready for work and school tomorrow.

I leave you with these great pics of the kids having their last couple of swims before heading to Athens where everything idyllic was lost – including all the photos I took at the Acropolis (insert frustrated/mad emoticon).

Image 7

Image 1

Image 2

Image 8

Image 9

Image 3

Image 4

Image 10

Image 11

Image 5

Image 6


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2 Responses to 17. Last pics for 2015 Adventure

  1. vickiandpaul says:

    Hi Fi. Just caught up on your blog. Great. Seems such a long time ago that we were in Skylark. Pleased you had a fantastic trip. Greece looked wonderful.


    • fificurtis says:

      Thanks Vicki. Day 3 home and it feels that way for me already. Very much suffering from jet lag but otherwise straight back into it. I’ve been meaning to thank you for all the little things that you did and left for us like the wine glasses, the cloths and bins in the bathrooms and food bits and pieces etc – it was very nice of you. Chris was also super impressed by all the mechanical/boaty stuff which I wouldn’t be able to appreciate. I look forward to catching up with you both again to share our adventures in person. I’m sure the story of our first sail in 45 knot winds will still be clearly etched in my mind! Damn that Meltemi! Kindest regards to you both.


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