15. Random shots at anchor

Anchorages provide a nice break from the hustle and bustle (and sometimes disco music!) of marinas, villages and towns. Apart from this, the kids just love jumping off the boat and swimming around it. Here are a few random shots from different anchorages. A lot of them are sunsets but my favourite ones are of the goats having a chat on the isthmus on the island of Kythnos.




I love not having to do the dishes!

I love not having to do the dishes!

Very happy kids...

Very happy kids…



The kids are getting better every day at "learning the ropes".

The kids are getting better every day at “learning the ropes”.

Sunset selfie with my boy...

Sunset selfie with my boy…










Goats having a natter.

Goats having a natter.

4 Responses to 15. Random shots at anchor

  1. Sophie says:

    Great shots, Fi! xx


  2. Heather says:

    Beautiful photos Fi. What an amazing holiday you’re having. Did I see a bike attached to the side of the boat?! Never seen that before. How many bikes do you have on board?


    • fificurtis says:

      We have four bikes on board. Three of them are folding and Sam’s is small enough to not be too difficult. At one stage we had all four attached up on the upper deck – it was a bit unsightly but so much easier than lugging them up and down all the time. The kids love it when the four of us ride around – if they could do that and swim all day – they would!

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