12. Siros

Hi from the port on the island of Siros which is fabulous! We knew upon approach that we’d love it here and immediately booked in for two nights and have extended it to a third.

As we approached, Sam yelled out “Mum, there are Australians”. He had spotted an Aussie flag on the boat we were moving in next to. Sure enough, “Steve from Perth” came out to receive our line in and it wasn’t too long before he was on board joining us for a beer. We later joined him and his partner for bubbles on their 42 foot Catamaran where the Curtis Clan experienced “boat envy”. It was bigger than my unit in Newport and decked out like a home (which essentially it is for them for half the year). Their space was amazing, but it was also just nice to talk to other people (which we haven’t really done a lot of).


We are berthed at our favourite type of place that basically faces the town. Literally two metres from our boat are people having dinner/drinks outside the rows of tavernas that line the street. In the morning I just have to step off the boat and cross the road to get a coffee. It can be a bit noisy late at night, but you get used to it.




There are lovely boutiquey kind of shops everywhere and cute, unique tavernas in the backstreets behind all the action of the main street/port area. At night (as we’ve found in all places), the place comes alive with lights, candles, music and people. We had a lovely dinner experience on our first night at a restaurant called “Kouziva”. Some photos are below. The kids were well entertained drawing on the paper table cloth, but funnily for us they were even more entertained by the bill when it arrived as it came in a little musical jewellery box that a ballerina twirled around in when it was opened. I’m sure you all know the one…it was a nice touch (until the kids started fighting over who was going to wind it up, open it etc etc!).








You will see from the photos that the swimming was beautiful and scenes of the crystal clear water, breathtaking. The weather has thankfully got a lot warmer since we’ve been here, so the kids have enjoyed more swimming and been eating more ice-cream. In short, it’s a lovely place to be and Chris plans to return here with his charters.


The path leading down to the swimming spot.

The path leading down to the swimming spot.



View of the swimming spot.

View of the swimming spot.








4 Responses to 12. Siros

  1. Gabriella Manco says:

    What a wonderful island. Looks like total heaven.Oh I am dreaming of swimming in that crystal clear water. We might just have to go there next year then… Thanks for sharing the photos.


  2. Gabriella Manco says:

    Which part of Syros is the swimming spot located?


    • fificurtis says:

      Hi Gab, the name of the Port (which I couldn’t remember how to spell in my post!) is Emoupolis. The swimming spot is a lovely 5-10 minute walk from here. But yeah, Emoupolis is where you want to be.


  3. Merilyn says:

    It’s beautiful Fiona. Shame you’re missing the freezing cold here!


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