11. Mykonos

Mykonos was disappointing and not much to write home about (though here I am!). The very basic marina was out of town and we had to take the “Sea Bus” from there into town. Two hours there was enough for us – it was very touristy and nothing immediately apparent that made it special. We were surprised because Mykonos is quite well-known and famous compared to many of the islands. Anyway, I guess we’ve ticked that bus.

The most memorable experience for us at Mykonos will be a bit of a drama at the marina where a chain had been laid in the berthing area, but no moorings attached. This apparently often results in people getting their anchors caught up in it and divers are sometimes needed to sort it out. A John Denver look-alike from Sweden had just told us about this and suggested that “next time” we take a mooring on the other side of the marina. It was noted.

Anyway, we had our anchor safely out and were pretty much minding our own business getting settled when poor John Denver (in his new boat) got our anchor chain wrapped around his propellor and rudder. This was by no means his fault, but the fault of two other boats that disrupted him pulling his anchor up as he was trying to leave. The poor guy thought he had wrecked his boat, engine etc and was so stressed, but in the end it appeared he was okay (though Chris reckons the black smoke coming from his engine was a bad sign). After all this, we decided to move into another area of the marina that had moorings (like JD suggested) and it was with great anticipation that I raised our anchor (this is usually my duty) to see that amongst all the drama, our own anchor hadn’t become caught in the chain.





2 Responses to 11. Mykonos

  1. Heather says:

    Anchor dramas… Not many people would understand this story Fi! But I do!


    • fificurtis says:

      I wouldn’t have understood either until I watched it take place. It’s kind of exciting (in a bad way) and you’re thinking, “oh the poor buggers” but secretly thinking “thank God it wasn’t us”! The funny part of the story was that the guy had four teenage girls on board (presumably his daughters and/or their friends) and amongst the high drama, only one of them came up to help. The other three eventually came up and the Dad was seriously distressed and they’re sitting out the back adjusting their bikinis so that they’re getting their tan right. They were completely oblivious to the fact that their boat was potentially going to be stuffed! The Mum was quietly moving fenders about the right place – I think it was her first drama too, but she was keeping very quiet!

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